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Our littlest athletes will be introduced to the world of team sports with a fun, consistent and energetic experience. We use cooperative tasks, sports drills and game play to help children learn the basic concepts and strategies of each sport.  Through theses activities they also get to practice life lessons like taking turns, following directions, safely navigating physical obstacles and positively interacting with friends. Each class follows a thoughtfully planned curriculum that is taught by teachers who use positive energy and encouragement to connect with and bring out the best in each child!


SPORTS STARS (2 & 3 yrs)

The  perfect quality time for parent and child to laugh, play and learn. Parents are on the field with their child playing, helping, and encouraging their children through instructor directed activities that introduce the fundamentals of the sport. Each class offers cooperative activities to help children learn team aspects of the sport and individual drills designed to develop motor skills while having fun. Children learn the basics of sport in a fun and supportive space.

  • Class Length: 45 min

  • Sports Available: Sports Stars is a multi sports class and includes soccer, lacrosse, and more.

  • Sports equipment provided

4 & 5 yrs

A time for fun and learning! Children are introduced to the fundamentals of their sport through repetition of motor skills, game play and cooperative activities. Children learn rules and strategies of the game at an age appropriate level, while developing motor skills necessary for their sport.  Each class respects the natural energy of children and allows them to be in motion while learning.  Each week includes opportunities to practice skills, work together with teammates, follow directions and learn the fundamentals of the sport. 

  • Class Length: 45 min

  • Sports Available: Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball

  • Sports equipment provided.

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Need more class options for your pre-schooler? Check out our gym & Ninja Class Options starting at age 2!

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