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Sport Specific

Thrive’s Sport Specific SPEED AND SKILLS TRAINING is a 75 minute training session that challenges athletes to go all in. Designed to focus on improving sport specific movement patterns, foot work and fundamental skills, this small group training empowers athletes to do the work that will level up their game. Individualized feedback from our highly motivated trainers gives athletes the time for skill refinement that they don’t have time for in team practice. Speed, agility and strength are woven throughout the work out to offer athletes training maximum efficiency and impact.  

  • Ages: 8 and older

  • Cost: $125/month once per week​​

  • Time: 75 minutes per training session

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Fill out our form below and we will reach out to you to schedule your athlete's free evaluation. Athletes will then be invited to join the training group that matches their goals and schedule availability.

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​Thrive's Speed, Strength and Agility Classes bring out the best in each athlete and push them to achieve their goals. Drills, games and station formats are used to create a fast paced and educational training environment that challenges children to progress their strength, coordination and agility.

  • Ages:  7 yrs and older

  • Cost:  $104/month once per week

  • Time:  60 minutes per training session


Is your athlete struggling with a skill? Do they need more reps and feedback on their goal to get to the next level? Meet with one of our trainers to fine tune your skills, get feedback, practice technique and put in the repetitions that will bring you success!

  • Ages: 6 and older

  • Cost: $65/Hour or $35/half hour

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Need space to practice your skills, play wall ball with focus, and use training tools to improve you performance? We've got you covered! Come to one of our open training times and put in the reps that will get you to where you want to be! Pre-registration required.

  • Ages:  7 years and older

  • Cost: $20 drop in

  • Time: Summer Schedule Coming Soon

Fill out this quick form and we will reach out to you to schedule a free consult for your child, so we can get them into the program that will help them meet their goals and have fun doing it!

Sport(s) of interest:

We can't wait to see your family on the field!

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