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Welcome to Thrive Ambassadors, our leadership and service program dedicated to bringing athletes, families, and staff together to get everyone involved in service opportunities around the Greater Annapolis Area and beyond!

"Thrive Ambassadors is a group of aspiring leaders, determined to effect positive change in our community through leadership, integrity, and service. We are steadfastly committed to prioritizing inclusivity and teamwork as we work to create this change."

[Thrive Ambassadors] taught me how to break situations down so that I can look at them with a different perspective. It taught me how to make my goals reasonable and achievable"

2021/22 Ambassador


Students who join Thrive Ambassadors will attend leadership development workshops, group bonding events, and hands on service opportunities.

We welcome any member of the Anne Arundel County and/or Thrive community between the ages of 10 and 18 to apply! 

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