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Give Back WeekS

 Thrive means to grow or develop well, to prosper and flourish. That is the goal for our children, that is our goal for ourselves, and that is the goal for our community.

This is why one week out of every month at Thrive Gym is “Give Back Week”, during which we donate all fees from that week’s open plays and open gym to an individual in need or a community organization.

If you are interested in participating but do not plan to attend an open play or gym the last week of a particular month, you can still join in the giving by donating directly through your Parent Portal! 

We also believe in the importance of hands-on service. In addition to donating funds each month, you will see Thrive creating opportunities for our students, staff and families to participate in a variety of hands-on service activities out in the community throughout the year. We hope that you will join us!

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